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Lusquinha BR

2019-06-01 03:24:40 | Profile
Greatest song from a great band my personal favorite rhcp song.

Nishia Boo

2019-04-10 16:37:00 | Profile
At the end of the best and longest relationship of my life so far, she and I played each other a parting song. I chose this one. One of the loneliest days of my life


2018-11-07 10:13:09 | Profile
I relate to this in so many ways got me thru a lot thanks rhcp

Omkar Khanvilkar

2018-10-13 08:07:31 | Profile
So fucking good tbh..... 90s was the last decade of good music PERIOD

Татьяна Дятлова

2018-10-11 22:52:31 | Profile
I remember jamming this in the summer of "92. Smoking a huge blunt, heading to the lake to water ski and go tubing down in Woodville, Tx. 21 years old and living with hardly any stress.. felt like me and my g/f and friends were in our own universe. Miss those times terribly!


2018-10-09 12:33:37 | Profile
RHCP with or without Frusciante really makes a world of difference.

Mario Marlboro

2018-10-06 02:13:25 | Profile
Would be a perfect guitar hero song haha love everything about this song

Pichest Buasrí

2018-10-05 02:27:02 | Profile
americas abolishonist and unpatriotic so to speak movement is disgusting. People nowadays here cmon fools still know how to solve their differences with words. just because most of an ill mannered follish game triffling folk fucked it off dont mean i do not at my age respect fresh views. fuck all you haters -- tosses hater into the proverbial fire fight-- bitch ass hoes? gators hungry fools. Id talk this bs out before jerry jones adjunct tenored professaaaaa gets medival. and you fools are gonna vote our hard work away. fuck you fags.

Сталкер со стажем

2018-10-03 12:53:26 | Profile
Loads of feeling, well done Chillies.