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2019-06-10 15:38:05
I really love this song

web lab

2019-06-10 14:30:16 | Profile
N.E I. A kid please be my manager I look it to yall is this the end candygirl fav is this boys 2 men cool it now give me a group


2019-06-07 15:59:37
I love the song reminds me of my best of both Jay


2019-05-03 17:58:15
Whenever I listen to this song i cry and cry and cry. I love it

jasper jay

2019-03-12 07:31:36 | Profile
I dont know why Ricky Bell part my favorite I always rewind his part!

Red Ed

2018-11-30 15:01:24 | Profile
This we know 4 sure!


2018-11-20 13:46:30 | Profile
The Rain By Rapper Boosie Badass Can You Stand The Rain By Rnb Group New Edition And The Rain By Rapper Dmx Peep it Out

Стас Носков

2018-10-14 22:34:48 | Profile
Still listening in 2019

Dee Xscapes

2018-10-04 22:18:26 | Profile
JG nice with vocals. Hands down. Classic.

Rose Johnson

2018-09-16 11:05:30 | Profile
Song makes me forget everything going on like a lullaby...definitely stays on repeat for sure. I will Always love this song...perfect melody


2018-09-15 04:42:32 | Profile
Love this music we listin this song at work on friday when get bordy some time when we nothing to do... At work me and my friendys we listin this music outsid with my friendys we dance to it..