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Игорь Солдатенко

2019-01-18 05:00:50 | Profile
What album is this from ?

Arkady Edelman

2018-10-11 15:50:10 | Profile
Im only 35 going on 36 so yall could guess when i was expose to hip hop and not none of that trap music sometimes its cool but its not hip hop this is hip hop right here

zeyno H

2018-10-02 10:21:47 | Profile
nice song never give up

evil demon

2018-09-23 06:13:10 | Profile
Loviin IIT ... Fn love you guyss!//

stu and oliver

2018-09-22 21:10:25 | Profile
real music been a bone fan since faces of death earily 1990s fuck mumble rappers

Acevamp Sandoval

2018-09-20 07:11:00 | Profile
We need all the true old-school rappers to kick sum shit off an remind the new generation know how it was an how true shit was in the beginnings, "words change Worlds". Sleep on that....

Hatuey Campbell

2018-09-18 19:25:19 | Profile
1.1k h8rs encounting


2018-09-11 02:19:34 | Profile
Another awesome song proud to be a bone thugs fan real rap not this trash we got today


2018-09-08 19:00:53 | Profile
The best to ever Doit as a Group


2018-09-07 14:58:07 | Profile
This group here is the best rap group of all time kids need to study up on Bone Thugs n Harmony

Gleicy Menezes

2018-09-04 20:36:09 | Profile
There music is fire! Love this song!


2018-09-02 21:02:23 | Profile
Its up to usTo teach them aboutGroups like these and other groupsBut a group like this that have 20 years plus in the game thats hip hop history